TravPRO Adds More DMO's to Growing Client Portfolio

Since the turn of the year, New Jersey-based mobile learning specialist TravPRO Mobile has added several new clients to an already impressive roster that includes the likes of Visit California, Destination Canada, Quark Expeditions and Leading Hotels of the World.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Finnish national tourist board and the respective destination marketing organisations for Orlando and Fort Lauderdale have all launched new B2B mobile learning programs on TravPRO's unique platform. And in doing so, they have taken huge steps forward in terms of how they engage with the travel trade.

Eager travel agents can now learn about these remarkable destinations on or offline, by either using the web or native apps, which are also available. What's more, by choosing TravPRO, Visit Finland, Visit Orlando and Visit Lauderdale now also provide travel agents with a plethora or sales enablement tools including images, video, maps, itineraries and more.

Finland Travel Pro

So even when they've completed the modular learning section of the programs, agents can continue to refer back to the platform for product information, download content and use it to inspire their clients on an ongoing basis. It connects the dots between learning and selling.

Speaking about its new program, Visit Orlando President and CEO Casandra Matej said “The new Orlando Travel Academy provides a fun and engaging learning experience - reflective of our destination – to help travel advisors learn, promote and sell Orlando. The app allows travel professionals the flexibility to learn about our destination anywhere, at any time.”

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Finland Travel PRO | Orlando Travel Academy | Lauderdale Loyallist

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About TravPRO Mobile: TravPRO Mobile is a ten-time Adrian Award winner disrupting the global B2B sector with a suite of innovative mobile solutions for organizations inside and outside the travel space. This includes cutting-edge training, onboarding, and sales enablement via its trademarked Sales Companion platform, as well as complimentary rewards and incentive programs, all easily maintained and updated with the industry’s only real-time CMS. TravPRO Mobile is also a leader in market penetration into China and in creating B2B2C brand ambassador programs. To find out more, visit

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